Kristina Auth Paltell, Licensed Massage Therapist

North Baltimore Massage, 6600 York Road, Ste. 205, Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Kristina Auth Paltell is a Licensed Massage Therapist, as well as a Fitness, Personal Training and Yoga Instructor (RYT-200). A graduate of the University of Virginia and the Holistic Massage Institute in Baltimore, Kristina is also trained in Reiki, a Japanese technique that uses strategic hand placement to promote stress reduction, healing, and relaxation.

For more than a decade, Kristina has been a competitive triathlete, cyclist, and runner, and has completed dozens of races ranging from sprint distance triathlons to a full Ironman and the Marine Corps Marathon. As a veteran multi-sport athlete, Kristina has personally benefitted from yoga and massage while training for her races, and she knows first-hand how regular massage and yoga can reduce the risk of injury and speed recovery from challenging workouts.

In addition to her work as a massage therapist, Kristina is an Wellness Coach with the The Johns Hopkins University Swim Team, where she is responsible for stretching, strengthening, massage and yoga. As part of her work for Hopkins, Kristina has lectured on yoga, massage, and sports nutrition at the American Swim Coaches Association annual meeting. Kristina has also been a spin instructor for almost a decade, teaching spin classes at several gyms in the Baltimore area.